One of the most integral parts of PTK chapter structure is our collection of committees.  These groups are student-led organizations that rally around a specific cause that members are passionate about.  A project is proposed, voted upon, and then embraced and executed throughout the school year. This concept helps to maximize leadership opportunities for members and generate support to our local communities.

Any member or officer can propose (and lead!) a committee. We encourage all members to join a cause, develop management and collaboration skills, become exposed to new ideas and ideals, and strive to make a difference at Sierra College.  

Current Projects

The Sierra Buddies Committee is dedicated to providing birthday/holiday gifts to the children of disadvantaged students at Sierra College.  By partnering with CalWORKS and CARE, we support our fellow students by providing children with birthday bags consisting of gifts, party decorations, a book, and a gift for the mother!

The Period Poverty Committee collects donations of feminine sanitary products to donate to various shelters in our local communities.  Since period poverty (also known as poor menstrual hygiene) is extremely dangerous and can lead to increasingly high rates of infectious diseases, infertility, and cervical cancer, members of PTK are passionate about making a difference by collecting donations of feminine products through social media and an Amazon wishlist.

A new committee that is currently in the works is the Faculty Appreciation Committee, or FAC. This idea came to life after our members reflected on how much their student-professor relationships had benefited them throughout their collegiate careers, and how many Sierra College professors go above and beyond to help students achieve their goals by working with students outside of class, writing letters of recommendation, supporting student-led clubs, guest speaking at PTK events and much more.  Our goal this term is to create personalized gift baskets and thank-you letters from students to let our faculty know how much we appreciate their investment into our education.

For the 2018/19 school year, the Beta Mu Zeta Chapter is also considering creating new committees for an Honors in Action Project, a College Project, and continuing the chapter Newsletter Committee.