September 1st, 2017

  • google drive!!
  • Website & calendar

  • Pamphlets


  • Wolverine week (5th &6 th)

  • Distinct summit (9/30)

  • Carpool

  • NCC clvd fair Louisa (9/12)

  • Fall conference (   ?  )

  • Fundraising  (if we have time)

  • Shirts

  • Scholarship

(The content for today)

  1. For future member is required to get a code to access website for PTK.

  2. About website (just reminder) the website we have is related website from original PTK not about Sierra college club.

  3. Next week through email, member will get information about on September 30.

(fall leadership October 6 2017)

  • Registration fee is $130.

(fundraising and donating)

  • Silent action (drawing, auction, class, and poker)

  • We need enough people and advertisement through SNS like facebook and twitter

Specific example

  • Yoga teacher provide us free lesson for fundraising.


(Committees on google drive)

  • When we have more Idea go to committees to put ideas

  • Committees is for everybody

  • Committees is the best place to take action, and good way to share ideas.

  • We can share idea and these ideas would be our projects


Conference Catalyst in October

  • We decided not to go conference for October, so we have time to do fundraising for April Catalyst.  


We are going to buy T-shirt by own money to save the money of club.


(Committees to present events & Volunteer)

  • Bond initiative for next year (Jason)

  • Birthday/Holiday buddies (Louisa & Amanda) - talk with EOPS & trio

  • Birthday

  • Women’s shelters go to women shelter and provide them staff for period.

  • Food penalty

  • Parsley sage project (Jason contact Nick)