October 20th

welcome new members!!

Upcoming events

  • Pumpkin carving 10/30 ASSC

  • Halloween costume contest

  • Run to feed the hungry (thanksgiving )

  • Scholarship workshop (10/27)

  • TBD….Induction ceremony in November with ARC

  • Check in with committees

Next week we have meeting

Today’s due for becoming national member


  • AS----obdesndorf life line to PTK, 3.0 must graduate completion wlin 18 months (DUE 12/1)

  • Hiks----transfer scholarship fall 2018 $7500(DUE fall 2018)

  • Geco----pathway to competition badhe degree $1500 each(DUE fall 2018)

  • case study challenge individual or chapter (DUE 10/31)

(essay,3.5 GPA) even though you lose this one, you can use toward other application.

Committee interest ???

Something you hope to gain from PTK