Honors In Action Project
Getting involved locally and nationally, helping us become a contributor to our community
and improve the Phi Theta Kappa image at Sierra College.

About Honors in Action
Phi Theta Kappa has an Honors Program, Honors in Action, which is designed to engage honors
students in actions that foster student success and help fulfill our twofold mission to recognize and
encourage scholarship in a lively exchange of ideas and to develop leaders who serve their

So, what does this mean for us?
As a new group, we are excited to come up with a project that benefits our community. We will start
with researching a topic that we can all agree on and will condense it as our research continues. The
group will collectively pick a cause that we will research and then write an academic‑like article,
which gives us the opportunity to win the Hallmark Award at the national level. The maximum word
count is 2,600, so it is important that we are concise and include only the most pertinent
components of our research.

We will have everyone with an idea make a proposal through a shared google drive folder, and then
come together to decide on the best project for our club. Tasks will be delegated, particularly within
the research, to other officers and members. This means that either an officer or member can create
a committee that will solely focus on one topic that they’d like to take by the reigns. This is a trial
and error process. Many clubs do not get the results they expect at first try. This will likely
happen to us, and that is OK! This is a group effort to pick a cause that we feel will be beneficial to
our community and growth as a club. Hopefully you are all interested in embarking on this journey
with us!

The Honors in Action Project
By participating in a chapter’s Honors in Action Project, members have opportunities to apply
learning and practice real‑world problem‑solving by developing an in‑depth, action‑oriented project
related to research of an Honors Study Topic .
Academic research into the themes related to the Honors Study Topic is what makes Phi Theta
Kappa’s honors program unique and defines the difference between Honors in Action and simply
action. Honors in Action is action informed by research , which makes a lasting impact and
contributes to the betterment of society.
After picking a topic, and doing thorough research about how you and your team can cause a
sustainable change, select a theme that closely relates to the contemporary issue your group has
Keep a journal throughout the journey, for later reference when entering for the Hallmark Awards,
and future Chapter learning.

Develop Skills for Success
By engaging in Honors in Action, students develop and demonstrate skills that will serve them not
only in their academic pursuits, but also in careers and life. Such skills include:
● Awareness of the importance of seeking multiple perspectives to enhance understanding
and improve decision‑making
● Ability to draw research conclusions and develop ideas to make a difference
● Effective planning and capabilities to initiate action
● Intentional and purposeful efforts to grow leadership skills
● Understanding of the need to involve others and work together
● Ability to lead and manage self and others to motivate, overcome obstacles, perform in
complicated environments and accomplish goals
● Skills to assess progress, adjust to circumstances and measure results quantitatively and

Link: https://www.ptk.org/Programs/HonorsinAction.aspx