Process and Protocol for 2018-2019 Officers

Process and Protocol for 2018-2019 Officers

To the fabulous Phi Theta Kappa member that this may concern;

We welcome all members, previous and new to run for office. Please review the following protocol for voting and expectations for maintaining an officer position throughout the 2018-2019 year. Thank you for your dedication to PTK.

Please note: if you are not yet a member, and you will be applying for membership this Spring listing period, you are welcome to run.

Kylene Landenberger




Expectations and Officer Positions

All officer positions are expected to participate in meetings and help provide positive, productive discussion periods.

Note: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer have very high responsibility. We expect AT LEAST 4 hours of time is dedicated to Phi Theta Kappa a week. If this is not possible, please see the other positions as they are equally important and the time spent is more flexible (depending on each project).

It is more realistic that the President will spend at least 5 hours a week on preparation, 4 hours for the VP, 2 hours for the Secretary and Treasurer; suggested hours do not include time spent in club meetings.

The reason we stress this so severely is to ensure our chapter makes progress within the week and has material to present each meeting time. If this is not done, the club will become stagnant and we will lose the progress we have made this far. We welcome questions about this.


Prepare agenda for each meeting, oversee all action in PTK, delegate to members and establish committees, encourage committee growth, participate in committee work, help prepare weekly email, plan semi-annual induction with members, fill in for secretary or treasurer when absent (on rare occasion).

*Vote only in the case of a tie, develop chapter goals with the help of others and advisor.

**Oversee awards

***Work closely with the advisor (Jason)

****Use AMSA discount for printing. :)

*Various tasks, per expected.

Vice President

Assist president in overseeing PTK, fill in for secretary, treasurer, or president when absent (on rare occasion), creating a yearly newsletter (e-news) to post on the website to honor members and journal yearly progress. Run Honors in Action Project with a committee.

*Assist the VP of Scholarship in prep for HIA award entries

**Promote Fire-Star Competitive Edge with VP of Scholarship

***Assume responsibility for knowing and implementing all local (Beta Mu Zeta) regional (California/Nevada) and national (PTK) rules, bylaws, procedures and protocols.

****Assume responsibility for knowing, calendaring, and when applicable planning attendance at local, regional and national PTK events and conferences.

*Is required to oversee and coordinate all student-led committees.

*Required to form a committee for creating our chapter’s bi-yearly newsletter.

*Perform duties of the President in the rare occasion of their absence

*Assume responsibility for keeping track of campus events and communicating/facilitating chapter participation in those events

*Act as the programs chairperson

Secretary (Vice President of Records)

Take and present minutes of each official chapter meeting, keep records of all chapter activities, store all records in the google drive.

*Take roll at each meeting by passing a paper around, get present attendees to sign name and email, star new attendees to add to mailchimp email list.

NOTE: Secretary in charge of all forms in and out, especially new members from other chapters.


Open/Maintain a financial account for the chapter (see Jason for more info), receive all money and write all checks, keep a financial record and scan into the Google Drive, keep note of audited and notarized spending, present financial records at meetings when needed, and collaborate with ASSC about questions.

*Prepare a finance report for every business meeting?

*Is required to coordinate with ASSC regarding all payments/reimbursements. This includes collecting all receipts and documentation necessary for reimbursements.

**scan documents to google drive for various purposes. 

Vice President of Scholarship

Encourage academic excellence, oversee HIA project and Case Study Challenge, educate members about

*Inform members about scholarship opportunities!

**Maintain website calendar with deadlines and scholarship opportunities.

*Work with the VP in overseeing the HIA committee and 5 star competitive edge

*Will be required to hold workshops/presentations (when necessary) to educate members about Five Star, College Fish, and any other scholarship opportunities.

*Required to form a committee for the Honors Case Study Challenge

**Recognize that you can work on the Five Star and case study challenge together - don’t forget!

Vice President of Fellowship

Encourage fellowship at all levels of the society (officers, members, and non-members).

Prioritize availability around Wolverine Week and other Sierra College Weeks to Table (supplies in Jason’s Office).

**Assumes responsibility for organizing Wolverine Week. This includes set up, take down, and scheduling tabeing. It is critical that the table is occupied at all times! Delegate scheduling by creating a shared google doc for all officers and members.

*Organize on-campus and off-campus member bonding and networking !

**Organize a committee for induction ceremonies

Vice President of Public Relations and Media

Promote PTK on social media, on and off campus, oversee website, instagram, email, and newsletter communications.

*Take photos at each event. If absent, inquire about another member taking photos.

**Share significant news with PTK HQ via twitter/email.

***VP of Public Relations should be an active member of all PTK committees

**Is required to work with the VP regarding coordinating the newsletter committee.

**Assumes responsibility for sharing all outreach events and projects relevant to Phi Theta Kappa through through all media outlets website and social media accounts

**Assist with Annual Reports to HQ

Vice President of Service

Oversee service components of HIA and other volunteerism. Coordinate the chapter’s participation with Relay for Life (August 2018!!)

***VP of Service should be an active member of all PTK committees

**Is required to coordinate with volunteers to plan and lead any service related projects and events.

**VP of service is encouraged to form a “service committee.”

VP of Fundraising

Plans and orchestrates main club fundraising. They help committees with ideas to fundraise when necessary. This position is crucial to raising funds to support sending our members to regional and national conferences.

Note: Some information to be added, inquire to any officer or Jason about this.

Voting Process

New Officer Elections will be held on the third Friday of March (this year, 3/16/2018).

All members interested in running for office will be required to make a speech to the present members. If you are running for President or Vice President… please see the next page.

Here are some pointers of what to say:

Name, what position you are running for, how long you have been in PTK, what you have done for/in PTK up until now, current major, interest, passion, what wakes you up in the morning (lol, not alarm clock), what you hope to do as X position, reforms you want to make, plans you have in your mind, your skills, your weaknesses, previous experience in a position like this...etc.

Questions we will ask you when you’re done:

How will you benefit PTK as X position?

How will you benefit from this experience? What does it mean to you?

Is there anything else you would like to share?

To those running for President and Vice President (voted and affirmed 3/2/18 by chapter officers):

Thank you for wanting to take on the role of leading our PTK chapter in the 2018-2019 year. To ensure these positions are taken seriously, we would like you to type a letter of intent (basically, typing your speech and answering the questions above) and email it to Jason File ( as well as our chapter email ( This way no one will be able to willy-nilly run for these positions on the day-of.

This is due 3/14/18.

Also, it is our sincere hope that we can send you both to the centennial catalyst this April in Kansas City. Please contact Kylene/Brittany if you are interested in hearing more about this.

Thank you again,



3/14 Letter of Intent Due for President and VP, Sec and Treasurer

3/16 Officer Elections

  1. Review this form with the present members… make speeches in this order:

  2. President

    1. Floor speeches

    2. Q & A from PTK Members

    3. Anonymous Voting (do we need paper ballots/flash cards?); counted by Secretary of Records

    4. Results will be decided on a simple majority

    5. In the event of a tie, outgoing President votes

    6. (Repeat for each position)

  3. Vice President

  4. Secretary

  5. Treasurer

  6. VP Scholarship

  7. VP Fellowship

  8. VP Media

  9. VP Service