Welcome to our new website!

Hello Officers, Members, Prospective Students, and Faculty;

This year is going to be GREAT!

We have a fantastic team to work with, and a very kind-hearted adviser, Jason File. It is our goal this year to expand the Phi Theta Kappa name on campus, through service, and create an environment of love and support on Sierra College's campus.

As our first live year since the club went without an adviser for several years, we intend on taking on this opportunity as boldly as possible. 

After Brittany and I traveled to Chicago, IL for the Honors Institute in June, we became much more aware of all the opportunities PTK has to offer.

Of course, there are spectacular scholarships available for all National Members in the Fall semester, but the projects we can work on as a whole to become a competitive, nationally ranked chapter. This consists of the Honors in Action Project, College Project, and the Five-Star Competitive Edge (more information can be found on another page).

Thank you for your intentions to further your service and the community at Sierra College. I hope I get to you this year!


Kylene Landenberger